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Explore the heart of Russia – Moscow Kremlin!

The Moscow Kremlin is an indispensable sightseeing spot for any visitor in Moscow. The towers of the 15 century fortress are stabbing the sky and make everyone startle at their solemn look. Going inside the walls is like diving into the past where tsars' stories becomes alive again. And the history is still being made there. Past and present are intertwined there with an intangible thread. Welcome to explore this magnificent place with us!

Kremlin Tour

The Moscow Kremlin embodies the Russian history in stone. Russian tsars ruled from here and now the President has his working residence inside.

Enjoy this uinique opportunity to get inside a 15th-century fortress, which is the largest in Europe. The vast grounds of the Kremlin will amaze you! On this tour you will visit three main Kremlin cathedrals: Assumption, Archangel and Annunciation where the Russian tsars were crowned and lie at rest. You can't help being astonished by the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell, giant representatives of the past. One more impressive construction is the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the tallest building in the Kremlin premises and the dominant in the architectural ensemble.
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