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Moscow Marathon awaits you!

September 23, 2018
The biggest marathon in Russia takes place in the heart of its capital city Moscow. The route goes along the embankments of the Moscow river passing by Moscow city business center, the Garden Ring and the walls of the Kremlin. The participants will see more than 30 world famous sights as they run. Among them there are the White House, 4 out of 7 Stalin skyscrapers, the Bolshoi Theatre, KGB building, the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.
Moscow Marathon 2017 highlights
Approximate programme for Moscow marathon participants
All tours are planned keeping in mind your wishes and preferences
Prices are upon request
1st day (Arrival Day)
09:00 - Arrival in Moscow
11:00 - Half day city tour
13:00 - Lunch
16:00 - Hotel check in
18:00 - Free time
2nd day (Sightseeing)
09:00 - Marathon expo
11:00 - Tour in Moscow Kremlin and Armoury Chamber
13:30 - Lunch
16:00 - Red Squre, St.Basil's Cathedral, GUM, metro tour
19:00 - Free time
3rd day (Race Day)
09:00 - Start of the marathon
14:00 - Hotel check out
15-00 - Shopping time
19:00 - Transfer to the airport
What else?
For those who are not in the running mood or have some spare time I suggest going sightseeing. Believe me, its gorgeous!
I can also offer full accompanying of the guests, organization of the sightseeing tours, including visits to the most valuable museums, besides that consulting in organization of your free time, choosing a restaurant for dinner, etc.

Must see in Moscow
The meeting point is in the lobby of your hotel
Moscow Kremlin
Duration: 3h

The Moscow Kremlin embodies the Russian history in stone. The past and present are inseparably intertwined here. Russian tsars ruled from here and now the President has his working residence in here.

Enjoy this uinique opportunity to get inside a 15th-century fortress, which is the largest in Europe. The vast grounds of the Kremlin will amaze you! On this tour you will visit three main Kremlin cathedrals: Assumption, Archangel and Annunciation where the Russian tsars were crowned and found their resting place. You can't help being astonished by the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell. Giant representatives of the past. Not less exciting is the Ivan the Great Bell Tower – the tallest building in the Kremlin territory.
Red Square
Duration: 2h

Red Square is the one the best recognized symbols of Russia, often reffered to as the main square of the country. All major events, like the Victory parade, are held here. It definetely deserves to be called the heart of Moscow.

From each side Red square is surrounded by historical buildings: the Kremlin wall, the Museum of Russian History, the GUM department store and, of course, colourful and gignger-bread looking St.Basil's Cathedral.

Come here and feel the heart of Russia beating.
Christ the Saviour Cathedral
Duration: 1h

The enormous Cathedral of Christ the Savior is the largest cathedral in Russia and the main Russian Orthodox church. The present-day Cathedral is an exact replica of the original Cathedral of Christ the Savior which was pulled down in 1933 on the orders of Stalin. The exuberant architecture and decoration will impress even sceptic visitors.

Next to the cathedral there is a great panoramic bridge called Patriarch's Bridge. From there you get the chance to see the Moscow river and the Kremlin outlook. It is the best photostop with the view of Moscow central part.
Moscow metro
Duration: 1.5h

Moscow metro is claimed to be the most beautiful underground system in the world. Each station is unique and has a story to tell. The Metro's history reflects the ambition and grandeur of the new-founded Soviet Union.

Walking through Moscow metro is like visiting a public museum. Mocaics, frescos, stand-glass, semiprecious stones and sculptures are just some of the features of ornamentation of the underground transoprt network.
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