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Golden Ring Ultra Trail awaits you!

Suzdal, July 22, 2018
Set against this breathtaking landscape across which a millennium's-worth of history has unfolded, the Golden Ring Ultra Trail 100 is designed for those who yearn for new adventures, discovering untapped strength within themselves, and finding total freedom in the outdoors.
A wide variety of distances is offered:
Participants can test themselves with the City Run T10.
Experienced amateurs can push themselves with the T30 and T50.
And finally, extreme ultramarathoners can set new challenges for themselves in the T100*
* All T100 finishers will receive ITRA/UTMB points (4 UTMB points)
Golden Ring Ultra-Trail 2017 official video
Approximate programme for the participants
All tours are planned keeping in mind your wishes and preferences
Prices are upon request
1st day (Arrival Day)
09:00 - Arrival in Moscow
11:00 - Half day city tour
13:00 - Lunch
16:00 - Road to Suzdal
20:00 - Free time
2nd day (Sightseeing)
09:00 - Expo
11:00 - Tour in Suzdal Kremlin
13:30 - Lunch
14:30 - Visit to Suzdal monasteries
17:00 - Pasta Party
19:00 - Free time
3rd day (Race Day)
09:00 - Start of the race
14:00 - Russian banya (sauna)
17-00 - Shopping time
19:00 - Transfer to the airport
What else?
For those who are not in the running mood or have some spare time I suggest going sightseeing. Believe me, its gorgeous!
I can also offer full accompanying of the guests, organization of the sightseeing tours, including visits to the most valuable museums, besides that consulting in organization of your free time, choosing a restaurant for dinner, etc.

Must see in Suzdal
The meeting point is in the lobby of your hotel
Suzdal Kremlin
Duration: 2h

The Suzdal Kremlin is the oldest part of the Russian city of Suzdal, dating from the 10th century. Like other Russian Kremlins, it was originally a fortress or citadel and was the religious and administrative center of the city. The most notablye site of premises of the Kremlin is the Cathedral of the Nativity.

Together with several structures in the neighboring city of Vladimir, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

Museum of wooden architeture
Duration: 2h

The Museum of wooden architecture shows the peasants' life. The project of its creation began in 1960s. The museum is located at the site of the St. Demetrius Monastery, one of the earliest in Suzdal dating back to the 11th century. The Museum looks as a unique village street with houses, it also has a cultural centre. All of the wooden buildings exhibited in this open-air museum were brought here from different villages situated in the Vladimir region.

Live up the life of common local people, enjoy the atmosphere of the old ages and the beauty of Russian nature.

Monastery of Saint Euthymius
Duration: 1h

The monastery was turned into a museum complex managed by the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve in 1968. since then it became another museum in the open-air on the territory of Suzdal. The monastery was founded in the 14th century, and grew in importance in the 16th and 17th centuries after donations by Vasili III, Ivan IV and the Pozharsky family, a noble dynasty of the region. The tomb of Dmitry Pozharsky lies by the cathedral wall.

The wonderful architecture and the feeling that history has been made here makes this place worth visiting.
Duration: 3h

Vladimir is the capital of the region and inextricably connected with the history of medivial times. From Vladimir Observation Platform you can get a magic panoramic view of this town. The narrow medivial streets will bring you to the heart of the town - the Assumption Cathedral. Elaborate carvings, frescos by the most famous Russian icon-painter Rublev's will definetely draw your attention. One more sight on the way is the Golden Gate - the architectural masterpiece of that time.
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