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Touch the unattainable and feel the soul of Russia in St.Sergius Trinity Monastery

The spiritual center of Russia where life goes as if you use a time-lapse. It's a place of relaxation and peace both for body and mind. Get some rest from hectic city life and visit this distant but majestic town called Sergiev Posad!

St. Sergius Trinity Monastery

The monastery of St. Sergius is situated in a small but ancient town called Sergiev Posad which is a shining gem in a Golden Ring of Russia.

The monastery of St.Sergius is a Unesco heritage site. It has a beautiful architectural ensemble and it's full of serenity. For many Russians it's a divine place where people are looking for a miracle and solution for all their problems.

The history of the monastery dates back to the 14th century when St. Sergius founded it and lived there with his disciples. The history was being made there. All Russian princes and tsars considered it their duty to do a pilgrimage visit to the monastery. And now you have an opportunity to see the most sacred religios place in Russia and get to know more about the life of people outside the capital. Besides it's an adventure to try local commuter train!
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